Destined is a guild on the Faeblight server and has been active since the launch of the game.

We accept people who look for casual play or players looking for some raiding fun. We try to keep things fun and casual even when raiding.

A few things we have in place for raiding is a loot system for managing loot in raids, a rotation system set up for when we have more than 20 people signed up for a raid night, raiding ranks for players gearing up for different levels of raiding.

The officers do ask that players come with the best gear possible along with sigils and roles needed for the many bosses in the raids. Teamspeak is also a must along with signing up for any raids posted that you wish to raid on. We will build our raids by the sign up list before pulling any random member into the raid.

If you are wishing to join Destined we ask that you are at least 18 years of age, this is due to mature topics sometimes voiced in Teamspeak and do not wish to envoke the wrath of an angry mother! We also ask that every person who joins us to raid be in Teamspeak for all raids. You do not have to talk but it is vital for raiding to hear what is going on as it is happening. Having to take the time to type out a boss strat can slow down a raid or even cause raid wipes.

If you have any questions. please feel free to message any one of our leaders or officers:
Guild Leaders: Xzio/Amideadyet and Cattrya
Officer Leader: Renera and Raki
Raid Officer: Kieroz
Class Officers: Unfilled (Warrior), Unfilled (Cleric), Laolen and Pinryu (Rogue), Lillan (Mage), Theorie (Senior Officer)
Membership Officer: Purchase